Building Your Wedding Team

One thing that I have learned from my days as an interior designer is …. build your team of professionals to work together (not against each other) to make the structure gorgeous!

As a wedding officiant I also like to build a team that works together to make your Wedding Day move so easily that you didn’t even realize there was so much planning going on behind the scenes.

Couples, as you search for your TEAM make sure everyone is good about listening and supporting the other team members. DJ needs good equipment to work with the officiant to be able to be heard during the ceremony. I come with my own microphone that slips onto my clothing so I can be hands free. What I am learning is that several DJs won’t support my equipment and don’t discuss what they need from me. However if I would know in advance then I would bring my own speaker and not rely on them.

My expectation is also that the DJ be set up an hour before the ceremony start time to make sure our equipment does work well together, or we meet in advance and make sure we have correct equipment.

I have performed too many weddings, where 30 minutes before ceremony start time the DJ is still setting up equipment outside for the ceremony. This is not acceptable and poor communication is not right either. We need to make each other look good, so the couple is super excited about their wedding day!

When your venue and wedding officiant move so easily together and there is one chunk that isn’t flowing well, we just have to throw up our hands and pray that we can be heard.

Building Your Wedding Team:

  • Venue

  • Photographer / Videographer

  • DJ / Live Musicians

  • Wedding Officiant

  • Florist

  • Lighting

  • Decor (signs, arches, bar, donut wall)

We want to all make your day move smoothly. I even prefer to meet with all vendors and the couple at the venue, at least a week or two beforehand the wedding day to make sure we are all on the same page. That is the best team and it makes the wedding day move along super smoothly.

Cheers and best wishes! Keep your family out of the day of set up and budget for someone to do all the day of stuff to keep you calm, cool and collected! I have great resources that I have personally worked with and I am more than happy to help Build Your Team!