Printing Your Wedding Program

Use Canva as a graphic design resource to have some fun with graphics and it's free to set up an account.  Add your own photos and send PDF file to a local printer - I like to use Copyfast Printing in Scottsdale Airpark 480-860-9449.  They are very particular about the quality of images and let you know if it is of high quality or not. 

Or use Vistaprint - allow for 3 weeks to receive product so you are not waiting until the last minute. 

Please before you send to printer, let Amy review it - send her a PDF copy to


What the Program can have in it: (not mandatory - see sample images below)

  • Officiant - Amy Stephens
  • Names of family members, Names of Bridal Party
  • Questions of the bride & groom as conversation starters for the guests who don't know each other. (if printing on both sides)
  • Dual purpose for Wedding Ceremony and Dinner (print on both sides)
  • Address of the couple for gifts not received the night of
  • Thank you to the guests for coming
  • Rememberance of those not with the family anymore
  • Make sure font is large enough to read for all ages.  (10 point for most, 14 if older attendance)


Order of the Service:

Add a start time for the ceremony, location and date.

  1. Procession
  2. Greeting/Prayer (if you want one)
  3. Vows
  4. Ring Exchange
  5. Prayer/Blessing
  6. Announcement of Couple
  7. Recessional


Let people know the order of the evening events/reception:

Add times for this portion of your program so guests know what to expect.

  1. Hors d'oeuvres/Cocktail Hour/Gathering
  2. Dinner
  3. Cake (try to do within 1.5 hours of start time of dinner)
  4. Dancing


Sample of Programs to get your creative mind flowing:

example of printed program1.JPG
example of printed program2.JPG
example of printed program3 interactive.JPG
example of printed program4 traditional.JPG
example of chalkboard program.JPG

If you would prefer to have a chalkboard sign available that can be saved or used for future events this is a wonderful option as well. 


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