Please share with AZ Weddings by Amy how you met and answer a few other questions listed below.  Amy likes to keep record of each of the weddings she does so she can easily put together your customized ceremony and be reminded about things that can be woven into your ceremony.   This form is to be filled out by each of you individually, please send this link to your other half so I can receive both sides of your love story.   

Once you start this form - you will need to sit down and complete the whole thing, about 15-20 minutes of time.  If you step away the information will go away after a ten minutes of sitting idle.  

Please email a recent photo of the two of you together so Amy can sit with the photo and get an intuitive feel of your ceremony to present.  

If you have questions, please email Amy directly at or if you need to call or text her at 480-677-0855.   

We look forward to officiating your wedding and sharing in this special day!

Amy Stephens & Team


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What is the best phone number for you?
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