When Should You Hire a Wedding Officiant?

Keep in mind … the couples who plan in advance snag the good officiants.

If your wedding is during season (October-April) - start looking soon to capture the best officiant for your ceremony.

Some officiants book years in advance (I am already getting booked for 2020!) Hallelujah to those couples who plan in advance, versus those who call 2 days before a ceremony.

Your wedding is about celebrating you both as a couple. Not one person more than the other. It is also something not to be taken lightly. Just because divorce is easy to do … it is not the best way to enter into a marriage. If you enter into wedded bliss fearful of divorce … we need to talk further!

Planning your wedding can be stressful, so work together, divide out tasks and make sure you are always asking questions. Even when you don’t know a question immediately but you feel there is one you know you should ask. Email the officiant (or other wedding professional) and get yourself on target.

One thing about my planning process, I have a software system where you know where we are in planning stages and how I work with other vendors who are going to be onsite. I come from a building background and one I thing I learned … everyone has to be talking to the other so we can create a harmonious ceremony (or structure).

A wedding ceremony is the foundation to your life together. For those who live together before getting married, there might be a few shifts in the dynamic of your relationship (and fingers crossed that it is more romantic and attentive).

Keep showing the little reminders of your wedded bliss. Share vulnerabilities and laugh hard!

Can’t wait to talk with you further about your wedding day! Book a time in my schedule to see if we are a good fit!

I am known for a calm voice, keep the ceremony on target timing wise and bring some emotion into the ceremony. Laugh, cry and leave feeling like you are floating!