Review of 2018 - great blessings!

The start of 2018 I had decided I was going to spend more effort trying to market my wedding officiant business. I had hired someone to set up my website and get me organized. This was the start of my third year officiating and I was super excited to jump forward into a new year of experiencing the love of the ceremonies!

With that said…

I went from 10 weddings in 2017 and 2 in 2016 up to 43 completed and beautiful ceremonies in 2018!

Yes 43 weddings in the whole year of 2018! I was surprised myself and I hadn’t even reviewed the total count until November, just before Thanksgiving as someone had asked how many weddings I did this year. Funny isn’t it! I just knew there was a lot of weddings and rehearsals going on for awhile and then I sat down and really organized myself.

I have met many wonderful industry professionals who have been a resource to the couples I worked with as well. I enjoy networking and sharing in the process of creating a strong team of professionals for the couple. I have worked with a variety of professionals (and some of which I won’t want to do again), which has also given me clarity on the future of my officiating business.

  • If it’s an elopement at my office space - 5 total in 2018

  • A small Ceremony at my office space - 5 total in 2018

  • Offsite wedding ceremonies - 33 total

    • Location sites included - AirBnB homes, backyards, parks, Sanctuary Resort, Fairmont Princess Hotel, The Scottsdale at McCormick Ranch and many others.

I have been super impressed with the couples I am working with in 2019 who are organized and hired me last summer and have asked great questions but also trust my process. They have a vision and as we talk it through they are excited about the collaboration of their wedding ceremony.

Many couples state to me that I am organized at rehearsals and keep the schedule on target. And ALL the couples tell me that my calm voice gives them the opportunity to stay more connected to each other and not be nervous in front of everyone else.

It is your wedding day and it is a time to stay focused on each other during the ceremony. Once you kiss and move out of the space and into your reception … enjoy that time as brief as it is before the celebration afterwards.

Hiring a professional officiant is very important - a few of the weddings I worked with were last minute because “Uncle John” and “friend of the family Sally” bailed on the couple. Please know, I am a woman of intriguing and respect of ALL couples.

Love is Love, no matter who you love.

Be kind to one another and let the love shine brightly to all.

May 2019 be a year of more great couples sharing their commitment to each other.

Cheers to each of you!