Rehearsal or Not ... that is the question

How exciting! You are planning your wedding day and the organized individual that you are wants it all to go off without a hitch.

So my answer to you about a rehearsal is …

  • How many people in your wedding party have been in a wedding before? If your answer is no one, then have a rehearsal.

  • IF you have more than 3 people standing up for you on each side. Then have a rehearsal

  • IF you have nervousness about being in front of people. Then have a rehearsal to put your mind at ease.

  • IF you have a large group of guests. Then have a rehearsal.

When not to do a rehearsal …

  • You have a small wedding planned in the backyard.

  • You both have been married before.

  • All details have been shared with your officiant prior to the wedding about your full plan.